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Lorraine Rossini

Contact Info:

545 Vista Avenue

San Carlos, CA  94070



Visual Artist: painting, writing


My current works are varying forms of abstract self-portrait. My inspiration comes from my self-image, internal dialogue and dream imagery. I typically begin my work by capturing ideas via ink illustrations on paper, and then further develop my images and concepts through acrylic painting.


Career Highlights

I am an emerging and newly-active Bay Area artist. I began studying art informally as an adult, and have now been painting for about a dozen years. I have recently begun exhibiting and am becoming active in the art community. I am passionately continuing to explore and develop my art.



Brisbane City Hall exhibit. Brisbane, Calif. September 2005

Turning Point exhibit, Coastal Art League Gallery. Half Moon Bay, Calif. October 2005

ìSigns of Artî blog --

Volunteer docent, Peninsula Museum of Art, 2005


Artist Statement


Through my paintings I explore the complex and intense nature of my own identity and the constant undercurrent of my emotions.


This undercurrent is built on the daily dichotomy of living both a demanding, controlled corporate life and a quiet, internal artistís life.  It comes from painful past experiences as well as an irrepressible desire to do something meaningful.  The text in one of my paintings says, ìDream, dream, wonít go away.î   This captures the motivation and passion of my artwork.  All of my dreamsó both past and present, both painful and hopefuló are a living part of me, finding release and expression through the canvas.


In essence, my paintings are all abstract self-portrait-- whether through direct, figurative representation or through scattered shapes, lines and colors that capture the pattern of my emotions and motivations.  My inspiration comes from my literal, physical view of myself, as well as my internal dialogue and intuitive self-image.  Bodies and faces are interwoven with the symbols and patterns around me, as well as an internal sense of movement, shape and speech.


I typically begin my pieces by capturing ideas via ink illustrations on paper.  I then develop the images through acrylic paintings.  I like the heavy texture and immediacy of acrylic paint because it allows me to work quickly, as I envision and create depth and layers of color.  I also combine ink with paint, for precision of line, sharp contrast, and for combining the written word with painted images.


I explore variations of my face and identity.  In one piece, there are four fractured, repeating images.  In two others, I combine key words with my image, literally capturing the thoughts on my mind, writing them over and around the image of my face.  I utilize repetitive themes and patterns including figures with reaching arms, and swirling, intertwined circles.  I also incorporate cascading, step-ladder squares that convey both barriers and pathways.

© Copyright Lorraine Rossini, 2005