About Peninsula Arts Council


Board of Directors


Peninsula Arts Council is San Mateo County's Local Arts Partner.

Peninsula Arts Council ensures the continuity and strength of San Mateo County's cultural organizations, improves the quality of life, and enhances the image of San Mateo County as a culturally rich community. Peninsula Arts Council accomplishes this by providing advocacy, promoting collaboration, and developing support for the arts.

Peninsula Arts Council connects and strengthens the arts community through networking and providing arts resources and support. As the San Mateo County local arts partner, Peninsula Arts Council provides a vital link between local arts organizations and the San Mateo County Arts Commission, the California Assembly of Local Arts Agencies and the California Arts Council.

Peninsula Arts Council has been instrumental in helping to establish cultural agencies throughout San Mateo County. Our goal is to ensure that every arts community in San Mateo County has access to the arts and is represented in their local government.

Peninsula Arts Council's goals include:

  • Cultural planning

  • Networking and advocacy for the arts

  • Providing technical assistance to the arts community

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